Fistful of SWAG

We have struck gold here at SWAG of the spoon variety check it out -

limited edition 5carrot spoonage - now in swag shop
We bet you cant wait to wrap your noses round these unreleased beautys, solid gold and look how shiney they are (wont be shiney when they are brimming with my boom cat :P) we have been busy makin these spoons over the past 2 weeks sorry if we havent been around much bt spoons come first as u all know, whats the point in going out if u dont have a spoon on?

Anyway lets all make the most of the sun, went up hyde park getting bezzled yesterday was gud, it felt right. We had this blastin out my mates ipod dockin station, sadly the skaters dint appreciate it at all and we were getting some reyt mucky looks from the skate park.

skater dudes 
Me being the reasomable man that i am went over and showed them my fresh vans id just bought in town and said it was orite i wore vans so i was "cool" too. I explaned that most of us swagger lot all wear vans now we so we should all get along as we are basically skaters now too. I gave em nick hannams newest mix CD to try out and my number for boomcat, hopefully they will get ont sesh with us sometimes as i really like vans and skaters i think they are cool.

vans = skater + swag friends forever

Thanks to the power of the vans i hope we can all live in a world where skater and swagster alike can unite and get along living in a harmonius sosiety where prejudices are not taken into condensideration.

Help keep the peace in Hyde Park with the skaters and wear vans. They are all okay with it im sure they arent bothered and would be happye to see us swagging it out at stinkeys to some jackin / cool deep house in their beloved vans


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  1. Anonymous6/03/2012

    Fooking love Vans me. I fink sum skaters are cool, I met one t'other day who listens to Tom Zanerti when he goes skating and he wears a spoon and all. Proper house / skater vibz